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Zevra Therapeutics Under Legal Spotlight for Financial Misconduct


Leo Gonzalez

May 6, 2024 - 23:49 pm


Investors Alert: Zevra Therapeutics Faces Probe by Pomerantz LLP Over Financial Irregularities

NEW YORK, May 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The renowned law firm Pomerantz LLP has initiated an investigation into the allegations against Zevra Therapeutics, Inc. (Zevra or the Company) (NASDAQ: ZVRA). This action seeks to protect the interests of investors in light of potentially fraudulent activities within the company. Legal counsel at Pomerantz, Danielle Peyton, is calling upon Zevra’s shareholders to come forward and contact her directly at [email protected] or via phone at 646-581-9980, ext. 7980, for guidance and assistance.

Uncovering the Alleged Fraudulent Practices

The engagement of Pomerantz LLP centers on concerns related to whether Zevra Therapeutics, along with certain officers and directors, has been involved in securities fraud or other illegal business activities. Such revelations raise significant questions about the integrity of the company's operations and ethical standards.

Joining Forces: Class Action Information

For investors seeking more information about the collective legal efforts and potential class-action lawsuit, an open invitation has been extended to inquire about participation. By clicking on the provided link, impacted investors can gain insights into the next steps for joining this critical legal action.

Click here for information about joining the class action

A Disclosure that Shook Investor Confidence

Recent disclosures by Zevra Therapeutics have caused a commotion in the financial community. On March 29, 2024, Zevra filed an 8-K Current Report with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, disclosing significant accounting errors. The Audit Committee of the Company's Board of Directors, along with senior management and independent registered public accountants, has agreed that financial statements for fiscal years 2022 and 2021 cannot be relied upon. This was a result of the discovery that certain common stock warrants had been incorrectly accounted for as liabilities.

The Ripple Effect of Financial Errors

Such accounting oversights have led to severe understatements of derivative and warrant liability, additional paid-in capital, and unpredictable fluctuations in fair value adjustments. The 2023 Form 10-K, where these issues were identified, prompted the Audit Committee's decision that financial statements for past quarters should no longer be considered accurate, casting a cloud over the trustworthiness of the company's financial reporting.

Stock Market Reaction to Zevra's Admission

Following the news of these errors, Zevra's stock price took a significant hit, dropping by $0.64 per share, or 11.03%. The stock closed at $5.16 per share on April 1, 2024, reflecting the immediate market reaction to the unsettling revelations from Zevra and questioning the future stability of the company's stock.

Legacy of Legal Excellence: Pomerantz LLP

Pomerantz LLP has established itself as a trailblazer in the domains of corporate, securities, and antitrust class litigation. Dating back to its founding by Abraham L. Pomerantz, the firm has a storied history of advocating for victims of securities fraud and corporate wrongdoing. Now, with over 85 years of continuous practice, Pomerantz honors the legacy of its founder by remaining at the forefront of the legal battle against financial malfeasance.

Billions Recovered for the Righteous

True to its founding principles, Pomerantz has secured billions of dollars in damage awards on behalf of class members who fell victim to corporate injustices. With offices spanning across several key cities—New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Tel Aviv—the firm's influence and capacity to fight for the rights of shareholders are recognized worldwide. More on the firm's philosophy and history can be found on their website,

Advertisement and Assurance from Pomerantz LLP

As a standard disclaimer, the firm advises that their previous results should not be interpreted as a guarantee of future outcomes. Nonetheless, the track record and standing of Pomerantz LLP in class action litigation speak volumes of their commitment to delivering justice and accountability in the corporate sphere.

Contact Information for Legal Assistance

Should you need further information or legal representation in connection with the Zevra Therapeutics case, please reach out to Danielle Peyton of Pomerantz LLP. Investors are encouraged to utilize the contact details provided to ensure their rights and interests are effectively represented in the matter.

Danielle Peyton
Pomerantz LLP
[email protected]
646-581-9980 ext. 7980


This news article draws upon information provided by Pomerantz LLP, which has undertaken the investigation into the alleged misconduct at Zevra Therapeutics, Inc., on behalf of affected investors.

Investor Vigilance: A Cornerstone of Market Integrity

At the heart of these investigations lies the inherent expectation that public companies function with transparency and adherence to legal and ethical standards. The allegations against Zevra Therapeutics highlight the crucial role that firms like Pomerantz LLP play in maintaining market integrity. By holding companies accountable, these legal professionals not only protect investors but also strengthen trust in the financial system.

Implications for the Pharmaceutical Industry

As a key player in the pharmaceutical sector, Zevra Therapeutics' alleged missteps are particularly disconcerting. The industry, with its high stakes and regulatory scrutiny, is held to stringent accounting and reporting standards. When discrepancies like these arise, it casts a shadow not just on the company in question, but on the sector as a whole, challenging other entities to reaffirm their commitment to compliance and transparency.

Redressing the Balance for Shareholders

For those affected by Zevra's purported financial mismanagement, the investigation by Pomerantz LLP is a beacon of hope. It offers an avenue for recourse and reinforces the fundamental investor rights that are sometimes overshadowed by corporate misdeeds. Shareholders affected by such cases deserve to have their voices heard and their losses justly addressed.

From Restatement to Reclamation: The Path Ahead

With the retraction of Zevra's financial statements, the journey to setting the records straight has begun. Correcting the financial implications and restoring investor confidence will require cooperation between the company's leadership, the legal system, and the investor community. It's a path that demands rigor, transparency, and a steadfast refusal to tolerate corporate irresponsibility.

What Lies Ahead for Zevra’s Board and Management?

The spotlight is now on Zevra's internal practices, with an emphasis on the steps its board and management will take to rectify the situation and prevent future occurrences. This scrutiny extends far beyond just legal consequences, touching upon the ethical fabric and corporate governance policies that should characterize any reputable organization.

Market Watch: The Anticipated Effects on Zevra's Future Trades

As information continues to surface and the investigation progresses, investors and industry watchers will closely monitor Zevra's stock movement. The company's financial restatements and the ensuing legal challenges may serve as a critical test of investor sentiment and the resilience of Zevra’s market position.

Responding to the Call of Accountability

Pomerantz LLP’s initiative is not just a call to legal action; it is a summons to uphold the sanctity of investor trust. In an era where corporate governance is under frequent scrutiny, these legal interventions serve as a reminder of what is at stake—investor confidence and the overarching principles of fair and accurate financial reporting.

Conclusion: A Convergence of Ethics and Enforcement

The case against Zevra Therapeutics underscores the delicate balance between financial enterprise and ethical conduct. It is a narrative that compels the business community to look inward, ensuring that the mechanisms of accountability are as robust as the ambitions that drive market progress. As the investigation by Pomerantz LLP unfolds, it signals a pivotal moment of introspection, adjustment, and, hopefully, redemption for all involved stakeholders.

For additional information regarding the legal action against Zevra Therapeutics or if you are an investor who has incurred losses, please click on the link provided by Pomerantz LLP. Take the essential step of becoming informed and engaged as the quest for financial justice continues.

Learn More - Pomerantz LLP Legal Action

Your role as an investor in this climate of increased vigilance is ever more critical. Stay informed, question the financial narratives, and embrace your right to demand accountability. As this chapter in Zevra's history is written, it is the collective voice of investors, safeguarded by legal champions like Pomerantz LLP, that will ultimately craft a future defined by transparency and trust in the pharmaceutical industry.

In closing, it is essential to recognize these moments in corporate history as turning points that prompt improvement and reform. The outcome of the investigation into Zevra Therapeutics will likely extend beyond the company's fate and influence the conduct of other market players. In a world where ethical boundaries are tested, let this serve as a testament to the resilience of investor rights and the pursuit of corporate integrity.