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Revolutionizing Rewards: Navigating the Dutch Gift Card Market's Upward Spiral


Robert Tavares

March 29, 2024 - 18:15 pm


Surging Trend in the Netherlands: Growth Dynamics of the Gift Card Industry

DUBLIN, March 29, 2024 - has expanded its market intelligence resources with the addition of the comprehensive report titled "Netherlands Gift Card and Incentive Card Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics (Databook) - Q1 2024 Update." This acquisition highlights the significant progress within the Dutch gift card market, revealing its promise and the evolving consumer trends propelling its future.

A Flourishing Market Forecast

The gift card market in the Netherlands has embarked on a trajectory of steady growth, with projections indicating a 6.2% annual uptick, pushing the market value to an impressive US$2.6 billion in 2024. This positive trend is not fleeting; analysts predict the market will flourish with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7% from 2024 to 2028. The forecasted upsurge suggests a noteworthy increase from US$2.5 billion in 2023 to a projected US$3.2 billion by the end of 2028.

The Momentum Behind the Surge

Several factors influenced the gift card market’s momentum in 2023. E-commerce growth, remote work employee incentives, digital gift-giving solutions, and concerted efforts from various industries such as government, hospitality, and travel have all catalyzed market expansion. These factors have supported and will continue to encourage growth in both retail and corporate segments, highlighting the market's resilience and adaptability.

Distilled Insights and Data-Centric Analysis

The detailed report encapsulates over 75 key performance indicators at the country level, providing a robust analysis of the Dutch gift card market, uncovering opportunities, and evaluating risks towards different retail categories. A comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of market dynamics, size, and forecasts can be acquired through this extensive data.

Unraveling Market Dynamics: Reasons to Embrace this Intelligence

The intelligence report is a valuable resource for stakeholders seeking:

  • In-depth knowledge of the market's operational dynamics to comprehend opportunities, significant trends, and growth projections over a five-year span (2019-2028) for gift and incentive cards in the Netherlands.
  • The formulation of targeted strategies by identifying buoyant segments and distinct opportunities amongst consumer subsets and purchase occasions, while understanding market-specific trends and risks.
  • Insights into the evolving Dutch consumer attitudes and behaviors, essential for enhancing return on investment, inclusive of retail spend trends through the lens of gift cards.

The detailed report facilitates informed decision-making by presenting data reflecting six essential market KPIs: the number of cards in circulation, load value, unused value, average purchase value, average value per transaction, and transaction value.

Exploring Sales Channels and Retailers' Share

The report also delves deep into the gift cards sales dynamics, contrasting online and offline channels as well as comparing direct sales (1st party) against third-party vendors. Each aspect offers a distinct view on the prevailing sales trends and strategies within the market.

For a granular understanding of the gift card market, the report provides sales estimates by key retailers, including prominent names such as Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Lidl, Plus, Aldi, Action, Dirk, Cool Blue, and Kruidvat.

Pivotal Spend Analysis

The report segments total gift spend in the Netherlands:

  • By Consumer Segment (Retail and Corporate)
  • By 13 Product Categories
  • By 7 Retail Sectors

This segmentation grants a detailed outlook on consumer preferences and spend behaviors across varied sectors.

Dive into Consumer Segments and KPIs

Detailed segmentation of gift card market size by pivotal KPIs across consumer segments invokes a vivid portrayal of market dynamics. The report navigates through several indicators, including:

  • Gross Load Value
  • Transaction Value
  • Unused Value
  • Average Value Per Transaction
  • Transaction Volume
  • Average Value of Card Purchased
  • Number of Cards

Segment-wise, the report further breaks down the market size into Retail and Corporate Consumer brackets, highlighting the consumer utilization within each sphere. Specifically, it illustrates corporate consumer demographics across varying scales of businesses.

A Glimpse into Digital Gift Card Trends

Empirically, the digital space canters toward domination. The report segregates the data, quantifying digital gift card market size through different consumer subsets and purchasing occasions. Precise insights cover company sizes and thus tailor a comprehensive narrative on digital purchasing behavior.

Consumer Behavior and Demographics Decrypted

The market intelligence report pours over the retail consumer sector, dissecting it by functional attributes and occasions, further enriching the data pool with value by purchase channel analytics. A deciphering effort into consumer behavior and demographics further accentuates the study, categorizing buyers by age, income, and gender, presenting a complete perspective of the market's clientele.

Corporate Consumption in Focus

Corporate consumer analysis isn't sidelined, as the division of the market size by functional attributes, occasions, and business scale is thoroughly examined. This sheds light on the corporate adoption rates and application of gift cards within various business ecosystems.

Categorized Spend: Retail vs. Corporate

The report pens down gift spend within the Netherlands by product categories, distinctly dividing the data between retail and corporate consumers. From food & beverage to entertainment & gaming, each category is meticulously evaluated, presenting a diverse expenditure landscape.

Distribution Channel Breakdown

Diving into spend by retail sectors unveils preferences traversing ecommerce, department stores, restaurants, bars, specialty stores, and travel, among others. Similarly, the distribution channel's discourse sheds light on gift card online and offline sales, demarcating 1st and 3rd party sales, alongside sales uplift.

Expanding Your Market Understanding

Intrigued parties are encouraged to explore the full gamut of insights this report offers by visiting the comprehensive overview at


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The "Netherlands Gift Card and Incentive Card Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics (Databook) - Q1 2024 Update" report is a beacon of information, with extensive data and insights that encompass every aspect of the Dutch gift card market. With this intelligence, businesses, marketers, and strategists can harness the full potential of the gift card industry in the Netherlands, tailoring their approaches for greater impact in an evolving consumer landscape.

As the report unveils, the Dutch gift card market stands on the cusp of continued expansion, propelled by a multitude of underlying strengths like e-commerce, digital innovation, and strategic growth initiatives across various sectors. This report is not just a window into the current state of the market; it's a lens to view the immense opportunities that lie ahead.