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Power Play in Global Markets: Unraveling the Dynamics of Trade War


Lauren Miller

February 23, 2024 - 12:55 pm


Power Play in the Global Markets: Unraveling the Dynamics of Trade War

Advent of the International Trade transformed the global commercial sphere, eliminating boundaries and ushering in an era of shared prosperity and growth. Yet, as with all systems, it’s not without its share of contention.

The Origin: Invisible Hands of the Economy

Adam Smith, revered father of modern economics, envisioned free trade as the catalyst for international harmony. His advocacy for laissez-faire economics paved the path for globalization.

The Global Shift

The dawn of the 21st Century marked a paradigm shift in trade policies, as free trade morphed into a labyrinth of tariffs and sanctions. This reshaped global economies, creating turbulence in the markets and morphing trade relations.

Trade Wars: A New Economic Reality?

Economic powerhouses began weaponizing tariffs to negotiate terms, effectively initiating trade wars...