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Kay Properties Executive Breaks $550M Equity, Pioneers DST Investment Era


Leo Gonzalez

March 5, 2024 - 13:24 pm


Kay Properties Executive Surpasses $550 Million Equity Milestone Amidst Real Estate Market Ebb and Flow

TORRANCE, Calif., March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a significant announcement reverberating through the real estate investment community, Kay Properties and Investments, a prominent player in the 1031 exchange real estate marketplace, proclaimed that Senior Vice President Matt McFarland has raised over $550 million in equity. This remarkable feat was achieved through the pooled resources of accredited investors who have entrusted their funds into Delaware Statutory Trust real estate offerings and associated real estate funds under McFarland's stewardship.

Matt McFarland, senior vice president with Kay Properties & Associates, recently recognized for raising $550 million in equity on behalf of investors. Matt McFarland, senior vice president with Kay Properties & Associates, was recently recognized by the firm for raising $550 million in equity on behalf of investors.

An Industry Leader's Influence

Matt McFarland's reputation as a trusted national leader and an expert in 1031 Exchanges and Delaware Statutory Trusts is well known among real estate investment circles. His role at Kay Properties includes spearheading the weekly webinar series that has become a crucial educational resource for investors. These webinars critically analyze the intricacies and strategic aspects of Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investments, unwrapping the pros and cons to aid investors in making informed decisions.

Trust, Comfort, and Education: The Pillars of McFarland's Success

"Matt isn't just a notably industrious individual; he is also a figure of reliability, someone our clients can trust and feel at ease with when discussing their intricate investment aspirations. His exceptional commitment to client education, particularly concerning the complexities of Delaware Statutory Trusts and their associated benefits and risks, is commendable," expressed Dwight Kay, the Founder and CEO of Kay Properties and Investments, acknowledging McFarland's instrumental role in the firm's impressive growth.

An Expanding Investment Landscape

The investment landscape under Kay Properties has expanded significantly, boasting 2,271 investors who have capital placed in nearly 10,000 DST investment assets spread across the nation. This has propelled Kay Properties to become one of the most substantial 1031 exchange and real estate investment marketplaces within the United States, commanding one of the highest volumes of DST 1031 investments across the country.

A Journey of Growth and Accomplishment

McFarland's journey with Kay Properties traces back to the early days of the firm. Having started as an associate, his exceptional performance and unwavering dedication led to his rise through the ranks to Vice President and then Senior Vice President. Not only has he been instrumental in raising considerable equity but McFarland has also been directly involved in over 2,000 transactions, representing more than $15 billion in real estate value.

An alumnus of the University of California, Los Angeles, McFarland holds a Bachelor of Science in Physiological Science, which underpins his analytical approach to the business.

Integral to the Nation's DST Investment Firm

Kay Properties is a nationally recognized Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investment firm. Its innovative platform allows investors to navigate a diverse marketplace, typically hosting between 20 to 40 DSTs stemming from over 25 distinct sponsor companies.

The expertise accumulated within the Kay Properties team is towering—collectedly owning more than 200 years of practical real estate experience. They have been vital players in the participation of over $30 Billion worth of DST 1031 investments, delivering unmatched guidance and opportunities to over 2,270 investors. These contributions have amounted to over 9,100 DST acquisitions across the nation.

A Caveat for Potential Investors

With every investment carries inherent risk, and real estate or DST properties are no exception. Kay Properties emphasizes that the material they provide should not replace tax or legal advice. Prior to considering an investment, engaging with a personal CPA and attorney for comprehensive tax and legal counsel is crucial to align with one's individual financial and legislative context.

Investors who are keen on exploring the potential advantages of DST investments should conduct thorough due diligence and seek expertise from professionals at Kay Properties who are well-versed in such transactions. Furthermore, the firm employs a proactive approach in ensuring securities are offered via FNEX Capital, which maintains compliance as a member of FINRA and SIPC.

Unveiling Real Estate Frontiers

Kay Properties' initiative in providing a robust platform and intricate investment opportunities has been a transformative force in the field. The thriving high-volume market they have curated underlines the firm's unwavering commitment to delivering diverse and strategic real estate investment options.

As Kay Properties continues to soar to new heights under McFarland's accomplished guidance, the company stands firm on the principles of trustworthiness, competency, and investor education—values that serve as pillars to not only sustain but further increase the magnitude of its service to the community of accredited investors and the broader real estate market.

This recent achievement by McFarland and the underpinning of Kay Properties in the real estate investment industry signify a monumental shift in recognizing the potential of Delaware Statutory Trusts. The empowerment of investors through education, transparency, and strategic investment placements has been central to the firm's ethos and apparent in their substantial growth and esteemed positions within the market.

Usher in a New Real Estate Era

Pairing with the progressive strides made by McFarland are the educational pillars upheld by Kay Properties, which ensure that investors are not stepping into the market blindfolded but are making informed, strategically bolstered decisions. They value the importance of apprehending the opportunities and risks with equal weight, thus advocating for a balanced approach toward real estate investment.

The vast amounts raised and the extensive network of investment opportunities crafted under McFarland's guidance ensure that Kay Properties and Investments maintain their image as a trustworthy, dependable, and educational beacon in the Delaware Statutory Trust investment realm.

Conclusion: Trust and Performance at the Helm

The congruence of vision deduced from McFarland's educational drive and Kay Properties' investor support system presents an exceptional case study of how knowledge and expertise translate into tangible success in the world of real estate investments.

Investors eager to delve into the world of Delaware Statutory Trusts and other real estate investment opportunities can count on professionals like McFarland and firms like Kay Properties to navigate the complexities and capitalize on potential growth prospects.

This news brings into sharp focus the evolving dynamics of the real estate market, where Delaware Statutory Trusts continue to emerge as viable and strategic investment vehicles. As McFarland continues to lead with distinction and Kay Properties cements its position as a beacon for savvy investors, the industry watches on with keen interest.

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Please note that real estate and DST properties involve a degree of risk. Prior to investing, it is vital to consult with your own tax and legal advisors.