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Investors Alert: Join Class Action against DICK's Sporting Goods


Lauren Miller

March 22, 2024 - 09:50 am


Shareholders Urged to Take Action Following Allegations Against DICK's Sporting Goods

NEW YORK, March 22, 2024 – The Gross Law Firm has brought to light important information for investors of DICK's Sporting Goods. Shareholders who have invested in the company during the identified class period are being summoned to consider participating as a lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit.

Lead Plaintiff Appointment

Investors who have purchased shares of DICK's Sporting Goods stock (DKS) from May 25, 2022, to August 21, 2023, may be eligible to appoint as a lead plaintiff. This role is crucial in representing the rights of fellow shareholders in the class action lawsuit. However, the firm emphasizes that it is not mandatory to be appointed as a lead plaintiff to benefit from any potential recovery. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to the firm to explore their legal rights and options.

Urgent Contact for Shareholders

Shareholders can learn more about the class action lawsuit and determine their eligibility by contacting the firm directly through the provided link: Loss Submission Form.

Legal Allegations and Class Period Details

Within the timeframe in question, the lawsuit alleges that DICK's Sporting Goods issued materially false and misleading statements to investors and failed to disclose critical information. Firstly, the demand for products in the company's outdoor segment was reported to be decreasing more quickly than the defendants projected, leading to a surplus of inventory. Furthermore, the touted "structural changes” to improve product differentiation, the application of advanced pricing technologies, and enhanced efficiency in clearance channels were reportedly insufficient in managing the piled-up inventory without adversely impacting the company's profitability.

Impact on Company Profitability

This inability to effectively handle excess inventory, particularly within the outdoor segment, is said to have a significantly detrimental effect on the company’s net earnings. Due to these omissions and questionable declarations, the charges assert that the defendants made materially false and misleading statements about the company's operational health and future prospects.

Action Deadline

Investors who have incurred losses during the specified period and wish to partake in the class action are cautioned not to delay their registration. The cut-off date to consider lead plaintiff status is set for April 22, 2024. The Gross Law Firm has provided a separate registration link for investors to provide their details and join the lawsuit.

Next Steps for Shareholders

Upon registering as a shareholder who has purchased DKS shares within the designated timeframe, shareholders will be enrolled in portfolio monitoring software. This software aims to provide continuous updates on the case's progress. It is crucial to note that there is no financial obligation or cost involved in participating in this case.

The Gross Law Firm's Mission

The Gross Law Firm positions itself as a national authority in class action lawsuits with a clear mission: to safeguard the interests of all investors who have suffered from corporate deceit, fraud, and unlawful business practices. The firm prides itself on holding businesses accountable for their actions and promoting responsible business practices and good corporate governance. As part of its commitment, the firm seeks restitution for investors who have endured losses due to inaccurate, misleading statements or the withholding of vital information by a company, leading to artificial inflation of the company's stock price.

Why Choose The Gross Law Firm

The firm's reputation as a class action law firm is recognized nationwide. The Gross Law Firm is devoted to ensuring that corporations engage in ethical business practices and act as respectable corporate citizens. A commitment to ensuring investment protection against deceit and illegal practices stands as their cornerstone. Furthermore, they assert that previous successes do not necessarily guarantee future results, emphasizing the distinct nature of each case.

Additional Information for Contact

For personal inquiries or further information, shareholders and any other interested parties may contact The Gross Law Firm directly. The firm is located at:

The Gross Law Firm 15 West 38th Street, 12th floor New York, NY, 10018

Email: [email protected] Phone: (646) 453-8903

Inquiries are welcomed, and the team at The Gross Law Firm is prepared to provide the necessary assistance and guidance through the legal process.

Source of Legal Notice

This information has been disseminated by The Gross Law Firm, serving as the source for this legal notice and ensuring transparency in communication. The firm continues to provide timely and accurate information to uphold the rights of investors and maintain the integrity of the marketplace.

With its recent announcement, The Gross Law Firm is signaling a call to action for DICK's Sporting Goods shareholders. The allegations raised raise questions about the company's financial disclosures and conduct during the class period. As the case unfolds, shareholders are being asked to step forward and protect their investments and participate in the pursuit of justice.


In the landscape of investment and corporate accountability, shareholders play a vital role. When irregularities such as misleading statements or non-disclosures come to light, it becomes imperative for investors to engage with the legal system to seek redress and uphold the standards of fair play in the marketplace. The Gross Law Firm provides an avenue for DICK's Sporting Goods shareholders to take a stand and potentially recoup losses incurred during the class period.

Given the gravity of the situation and the potential implications on investor confidence, it is crucial for shareholders to remain informed and proactive. Whether the allegations prove substantial will be determined through the judicial process, but the action initiated by The Gross Law Firm lays the foundation for accountability and transparency, essential tenets in the investment world.

Comprehensive and timely action in such matters not only benefits individual shareholders but also serves to promote an equitable and trustworthy environment for all market participants. DICK's Sporting Goods shareholders now face a significant decision point as the April 22, 2024, deadline approaches. The subsequent steps they take could shape not only their financial recovery but also the broader conversation around corporate accountability.

(This article has been provided to inform DICK's Sporting Goods shareholders of recent legal actions and should not be considered as legal advice. For further details or to take action, please refer to the contact information provided.)

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