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Blue Coast Residences: Redefining Luxury Real Estate in Hong Kong's Market Revival


Robert Tavares

April 1, 2024 - 07:43 am


Soaring Demand for CK Asset's Blue Coast Units in Hong Kong Amid Market Revival

(Bloomberg) -- Amidst a city buzzing with prospective homeowners, CK Asset Holdings Ltd.'s latest residential endeavor, Blue Coast, has become the center of attention. The project's initial offerings have kindled robust interest, prompting a surge in the release of additional units to the market. The unprecedented turnout of eager buyers underscores a potentially pivotal shift in the Hong Kong property arena.

Blue Coast Sparks Bidding Frenzy

Over the past weekend in Hong Kong, a remarkable real estate phenomenon has unfolded. CK Asset Holdings Ltd. is experiencing a deluge of interest for its luxurious Blue Coast project. A staggering amount of over 8,000 bids were placed for just 138 units available, a clear indication of the soaring demand. In response to this overwhelming reception, the developer has decided to launch another 110 units for prospective buyers. Lured by a long weekend, streams of Hong Kong residents have been frequenting the property showroom, eager to make the most of this extended opportunity that culminated on Monday.

Joint Venture Shines in Prestigious Locale

The Blue Coast project, a result of the synergistic partnership between CK Asset and MTR Corporation Ltd, stands proudly on Hong Kong Island's southern edge. This coveted district is no stranger to affluence, routinely attracting the city's wealthy elite. The allure of Blue Coast is further heightened by the generous incentives offered to buyers—a substantial discount of up to 15% has been unveiled in a recent press statement from the developer, piquing the interest of property enthusiasts.

Price Comparison Draws In Homebuyers

When pitted against other prestigious properties in the vicinity, Blue Coast's financial appeal shines ever brighter. Post-discount, the average price per square foot sits enticingly at HK$21,968 ($2,800), a sharp 27% decrease from prices witnessed at the nearby opulent La Montagne development. It's this combination of luxury and affordability that is turning heads and drawing serious consideration from potential purchasers.

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Strategic Location and International Appeal

Blue Coast does not only offer financial incentives but also boasts a prime location near international schools and residences with stunning sea views. This exceptional combination has been pivotal in attracting a surge of interest from multiple demographics, including mainland Chinese and overseas buyers. Eric Tso, the Chief Vice President of mReferral Mortgage Brokerage Services, accentuates these selling points. His firm collaborates with Midland Holdings, a property agency, to extend mortgage benefits to overseas buyers who have recently relocated to Hong Kong under various skill-acquisition initiatives.

Revival of the Housing Market

In an unexpected turn of events last month, Hong Kong officials made the strategic decision to abolish certain restrictive housing measures that had been imposed as cooling tactics. This action, disclosed as part of the metropolis's annual financial plan, had a clear aim: reinvigorate a languishing property market. A fleeting uptick in residential sales was noted post-announcement, but this resurgence was not sustained, as sales figures once again began their descent.

Forecasting a Weakening Market

Even as new projects like Blue Coast garner attention and attract buyers, industry forecasters like UBS Group AG anticipate a market that will continue to weaken throughout the ongoing year, projecting a potential dip in property values by as much as 5%. These projections serve as a stark reminder of the uncertain landscape that new homeowners and investors alike must navigate. Additionally, the bend towards newly constructed developments brings with it heightened pressure on the secondary market's price points, adding another layer of complexity to the real estate dynamics in Hong Kong.

Conclusion: A Glimpse into Hong Kong's Real Estate Future

With a renewed appetite for newly launched residential properties evident in the robust bidding for Blue Coast units, it seems that many homebuyers are poised to seize the opportunities presented by the changing market conditions. Whether this trend is a harbinger of a broader market revival or simply a transient surge in interest remains to be seen. Yet, one thing is certain: CK Asset Holdings Ltd. has tapped into a rich vein of demand within Hong Kong's diverse and often unpredictable real estate market.

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