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Block Inc. Under Scrutiny for Potential Securities Violations


Leo Gonzalez

May 6, 2024 - 09:15 am


Schall Law Firm Initiates Investigation Into Block Inc.'s Alleged Securities Violations

LOS ANGELES, May 6, 2024 - Today The Schall Law Firm, a prominent shareholder rights litigation group, has made a public announcement that it has begun a thorough investigation on behalf of the investors of Block, Inc. ("Block" or "the Company") (NYSE: SQ) in connection to potential violations of securities laws. The investigation delves into significant concern over whether the company has been fully transparent with its financiers by providing truthful statements and whether it has wisely disclosed all information essential to investor knowledge.

A Dive into Allegations Against Block, Inc.

The investigation currently underway zeroes in on the financial technology firm founded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. It seeks to uncover whether misleading statements were issued by Block, Inc. or if critical information that should have been shared with investors was omitted. This action has been spurred by an exposing NBC report published on May 1, 2024, which has since sent shockwaves throughout the investing community.

According to the report, federal prosecutors have been meticulously probing the inner workings of Block, Inc., especially focusing on the compliance practices within the firm's two main business units: Square and Cash App. Allegations have surfaced that former employees are revealing potential widespread and long-term lapses in compliance. The aftermath of these serious allegations hammers on the stability of the firm, manifested in a sharp 7.3% tumble in Square's share prices in intraday trading that very day.

Shareholder's Opportunity to Participate in the Investigation

Shareholders who have encountered monetary losses due to this downturn are now presented with the opportunity to participate in the investigation. Acting upon their rights, shareholders may seek to become actively involved and possibly recover their financial damages. The Schall Law Firm extends an invitation to such shareholders to contribute to this pivotal investigation by participating through the provided link (click here to participate).

Legal Expertise and Representation by The Schall Law Firm

The Schall Law Firm, featuring their expertise in securities class action lawsuits and shareholder rights litigation, operates on behalf of investors globally. The firm’s commitment is to champion the rights of shareholders by providing them with a meticulously strong legal front. Shareholders are encouraged to directly reach out and contact Brian Schall to discuss their rights, free from any charge. Mr. Schall, practicing out of the Los Angeles office of The Schall Law Firm located at 2049 Century Park East, Suite 2460, Los Angeles, CA 90067, can be approached at the provided telephone number, 310-301-3335.

Community and ease of access are at the forefront of The Schall Law Firm's services, and they offer multiple avenues for contact. For convenience, shareholders can engage with the firm through their website,, or reach out via email at [email protected].

The Advocate for International Investors' Rights

Embarking on a mission to defend and secure the rights of investors worldwide, The Schall Law Firm has etched its name as a specialist in the fielb of securities class actions and shareholder rights litigation. The firm prides itself on its dedicated pursuit of legal remedies for investors who may have been unfairly impacted by illicit corporate activities, ensuring that the scales of justice are tilted back in favor of the investing public.

Important Notice Regarding Attorney Advertising

This press release may contain attorney advertising and could be considered as such in certain jurisdictions based on applicable laws and ethical rules. It is important for the audience to interpret this message accordingly, keeping in mind that it serves to inform about legal services offered by The Schall Law Firm that may pertain to a specific legal need.

Contact Information for The Schall Law Firm

Those seeking the legal expertise of The Schall Law Firm can reach out to the principal attorney, Brian Schall, Esq. He can be contacted at the telephone number 310-301-3335 for any queries or for the discussion of potential legal representation. Additionally, interested parties may visit the firm's official website,, for more comprehensive information and further contact details.

SOURCE: The Schall Law Firm

The source for this news release is The Schall Law Firm itself, ensuring accuracy and firsthand knowledge pertaining to the current investigation into Block, Inc.’s alleged securities law violations.


The revelation of The Schall Law Firm’s investigation into Block Inc. serves as a vivid reminder of the gravity that allegations of legal non-compliance and securities violations hold in the financial world. As the firm unearths the truth behind the claims of financial irregularities, the broader investment community eyes with anticipation to not only see justice served but to also protect the integrity of their investments. The actions of The Schall Law Firm embody the essential checks and balances needed in the market, striving to secure equitable treatment for all shareholders alike.

(Note: The remainder of the article focusing on further details of the investigation, legal precedents, impact on the market, and potential outcomes are not included due to the knowledge cutoff date. However, for a complete analysis and ongoing developments, one should look for updates directly from The Schall Law Firm and relevant news outlets.)